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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bloger buat duit dengan 5 website ni secara percuma


There's nothing that adds a sprinkle of magic to social media like Churp Churp does! At Churp Churp, you'll always get the freshest news to hit the Internet, and earn from sharing great stuff with your friends too. Did we mention that even your favourite local celebrities are Churping too?

Tell your friends what they're missing out on, and get them on board! If they have at least 50 friends on their social media platforms, all they have to do is click on your invite link to learn more, sign up and start sharing campaigns to earn rewards.

So what's the fuss about Churp Churp? Find out for yourself now!

2.Be the first to tell your
friends about SAYS

Grow the SAYS Malaysia community with us.
You'll get RM5 for every friend who joins, shares at least one Special and receives at least 3 verified unique visits. Use this invite link to invite your friends now.


Refer your friends to to earn rewards! Depending on your membership status with, you can earn between RM1-2 per referral.
A valid referral would be determined by the following:
  • If a referred person signed up through your link
  • The referred person delivered at least 10 clicks from any campaigns
  • The referred person did not engage in any fraudulent clicks
  • The referred person is a legitimate person and not a new Facebook user or a Twitter user with less than 10 friends/followers).
Please note that referrals are manually approved, and as such, you may need to wait for credit to be made to your account.sini:

4.INVITE your Friends to

Got friends who use Facebook or Google Plus or Twitter? Connect them to the community.
Invite your friends now and get RM 5 when they receive 10 clicks on a campaign they shared!



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