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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Selamat Berpuasa ,bloger buat duit free,terjah Ramadhan



Refer your friends to to earn rewards! Depending on your membership status with, you can earn between RM1-2 per referral.
A valid referral would be determined by the following:
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Please note that referrals are manually approved, and as such, you may need to wait for credit to be made to your account.

Bieber Manned Up In Malaysia
tengok video sini: 

Motor Trader - Win Tickets to Manchester 

Dare you slurp as fast as you can?!

We all love coffee, but we don’t love it the same way.

If you’re a fan of milky coffee, you’ll love the new Nescafe UHT – a fantastic blend of light-light coffee, and smooth-smooth milk, best served super chilled in a convenient packet. So good, you’ll want to slurp it all.

Dare U Slurppp? Try out this fun Facebook app, see how fast you can slurp your Nescafe UHT with your friends! There's a whole set of new costumes too!

All Malaysians should support AZIZUL for London Olympics. Who is he? #VisaGoAzizul

siapa die ni?

CIMB is giving away Samsung Galaxy S3s every month!

jom ushar:

Dapatkan check up kereta percuma guna FB & Twitter!



Being protected can be rewarding too!:


30 new TV channels in town, which would you watch?


AmBank Cardholder? You could receive the New iPad!



Can't wait for the iPhone 5? Here's how you can have it!:

Ramai bloger dapat duit free sini: 

ramai bloger dapat duit( cheque)sini: 


selamat berpuasa dan jangan nakal2 mase bulan puase yek huhu!!!!:)))




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