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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Blind.Gd jom tengok apa yang menarik sangat.

MotorTrader - New Website Launch
Motor Trader is best known for its leadership in auto classifieds and with the new website, searching for a model among the thousands of advertisements is now faster and more efficiently done. Used car listings are compiled and presented much more quickly than before and the same goes for searching for information on new vehicle specifications.
In view of the increasing use of mobile devices to surf the Net, our website has also been optimized for access and viewing on mobilephones. Now, you can easily and quickly check out the advertisements when you are on the move as well as stay updated on the latest news in town.
terjah info sini:

Bieber Manned Up In Malaysia - Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!SINI TERJAH INFO:


Refer your friends to to earn rewards! Depending on your membership status with, you can earn between RM1-2 per referral.
A valid referral would be determined by the following:
  • If a referred person signed up through your link
  • The referred person delivered at least 10 clicks from any campaigns
  • The referred person did not engage in any fraudulent clicks
  • The referred person is a legitimate person and not a new Facebook user or a Twitter user with less than 10 friends/followers).
Please note that referrals are manually approved, and as such, you may need to wait for credit to be made to your account.


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