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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Cash out yang ke empat dari Churpchurp

Not too late for you to Join Team Malaysia at the Olympics!

This year, there aren’t just 30 people in the Malaysian Olympics contingent; there are 28 million.

Experience the Olympics a whole new way – by being part of it yourself! Join Team Malaysia with Samsung and give Malaysian athletes the support they need, on the court, off the board, down the track and up the podium.

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Add RM 1,000 to your duit raya right now.

Here’s an easy way to get a head start on that duit raya right now – just surf the Internet more!

Celcom First is giving away RM2,000 cash every day to 2 lucky Celcom subscribers for the entire month of Ramadhan! Want in? Just purchase additional volume or subscribe to any Instanet/Mobile Internet plan, from now till 20 August.

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Is that Union Jack I see on your wallet?

Vintage Wallet (Union Jack) – only RM22 ! [27% off]

Got a weakness for vintage products? Instead of using something that looks like your ancestors passed down, jazz it up with vintage wallets from! With Olympic being the hottest topic, get the funky print of Union Jack to bring your heart closer to London!

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Keep your car dirt-free the quick and easy way!

[57% OFF] RM38 for Portable Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner worth RM89 from Yugou Online

Having a dirty car is NOT attractive, especially when you pick girls up! Don’t cramp your style, let the Yugou Portable handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner clean your car quick and easy.

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Can’t say no to fashion AND comfort at such low prices!

Jane Holli at up to 80% off – Comfortable Heels and Sandals from Hong Kong

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Twinkle twinkle little star, what’s on my to-do list today?

Seeing Stars Chalkboard Magnet Pegs – only RM12!

Remember to buy the bread and the milk. Oh, the doctor’s appointment is at 3pm, and remember to take Kitty for her vaccinations too. Organize your shopping list and to-do list in a fun and creative way with the Seeing Stars Chalkboard Magnet Pegs!

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Prepare for trouble, and make it a double!

[51% OFF] RM38 for 2 Self Defense Pepper Spray With keychain worth RM78 from OHSEM Trading

With the recent spike in robberies and thefts, even a walk down the street would make you worry about being another victim. There’s no need for paranoia with the OhSem Self Defense Pepper Spray!

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High fashion at a low price!

Baci Sale Flat 50% off – Making Your Wardrobe A Better Place

With so many fashion labels out there, it would be so easy to spend your monthly allowance on pretty dresses. Now you can catch up with the latest trends without compromising on quality or breaking the bank with Hishop’s Baci Sale!

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Fancy a makeover?

A new collection of unique wall stickers every two weeks – up to 30% off!

A lovely room with lovely decorations is incomplete with a bland wall. With rockets and planets for the little brother, and flowers for older sister, enhance your home with minimal hassle with Fancy Bugs Wall Sticker.

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 yea......................hari ini dah cash out payment yang keempat dari churpchurp.di jangka ketibaan cheque bernilai RM100 DAN KALAU DI TOLAK KOS RM1.00.jadila rm99.00 kot.anway thanks churchurp bagi pendapatan kat saya.kalau tak silap saya dapat pembayaran  maybe bulan 10.its ok.saya berikrar satu hari nanti satu cheque saya akan bernilai rm1000 atau rm15 ribu satu cheque.orang kata kena rajin dan sabar.kena banyak belajar dari otai-otai bloger.saya salute otai-otai bloger seperti BEN ASHARI,DENAI HATI,REDMUMY DAN LAIN LAIN YANG ADA.KALAU NAK SEBUT SEMUANYA BAGUS-BAGUS.KALAU ADA BLOGER YANG SUDI BERKONGSI MAKLUMAT DENGAN SAYA.TERIMA KASIH YA.


  1. Untunglah......Jeles ni!!!! nak cashout jugak yg ni...pakcik kayo!! :D hehe

    1. syukur alhamdulilah,scg owner anirah,saya buat semua berkat tekun dan pun dah dapat,tunggu gushcloud,zo.share, di gabungkan semuanya kan ke tak banyak pendapatan yang dapat.
      syukur pada ilahi,sebab saya pun kerja makan gaji juga.duit dalam blog saya anggap sampingan aje,cuba bayangkan kalau saya dan awak jadi bloger paling lama di dunia blog tak mustahil pendapatan semua bloger ribu2.