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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Artis luar negara yang seksi pilihan lelaki kot

All you need are the bare essentials!

MAD deal: RM27 instead of RM59 for a unit of ARDIUM Smart Multi Pouch by Beyonce Fashion House. 6 colors to choose from. Free Delivery to West Malaysia. [54% OFF]

Sometimes, less is more, and you just need something small to carry just the essentials around. For occasions like these, there’s the Ardium Smart Multi Pouch! It’ll hold your cellphone, credit card and cash, and even has a hole for easy access to earphones.

Available in 6 colours from Beyonce Fashion House, it’s 54% off now with the Milkadeal sale, so grab one for yourself while you can. Share this news with your friends too, so you get rewarded when they make a purchase via your link!
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Take Churping to a whole new level!

The all new Churp Churp is now LIVE.

With smoother navigation and a complete facelift, being the first to share the latest news that hits the Internet and earning money has never been easier. And that's a FACT! You can now Churp with celebrities too!

Why don't you get your friends on board too? Tell them it only takes three easy steps:

Step 1: They have to got to click on your invite link to learn more & sign up!
Step 2: Remember, they have to have at least 50 friends on Twitter or Facebook.
Step 3: Start reaping their rewards once they begin sharing campaigns!

So go on and begin to discover a whole new world with together.
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Make history with The Sparkle Project!

Many people dream of rubbing shoulders with their favourite superstars, but that’s not always achievable. Being a part of your favourite celebrity’s music video could be the next best thing though!

Enter The Sparkle Project. One of our favourite local artistes, Yuna is on a mission to create the world’s first music video created entirely on the Samsung Galaxy Note, and she needs your help. Share your ideas with Yuna, and they’ll spark illustrations and animations which will come to life in the video.

Get inspired now, and who knows; you could be making history with The Sparkle Project!
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ya artis luar yang seksi siapa lagy kalau bukan Britney spears......huhu,

After you watch this, I bet you won't even wanna try it.


How to watch the latest movies at GSC for half price!

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