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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Katakan TIDAK kepada perokok!!!yg ni PERADUAN taw....!!!

hai semua,apa kabar,hari ini saya nak berkongsi info mengenai apa sahaja.ada kebaikan juga.JOM TERJAH.

Say NO to black lungs!

Breathe healthily, live happily

Smoking kills, whether you’re the one holding the cigarette or you are around those who smoke.
 It's time to prevent the harmful effects of smoking and protect your loved ones today.

Help raise awareness on the horrible effects of smoking, by participating in the TAK NAK photo contest. You might even win cash prizes and vouchers worth up to RM 2K!

* All government hospitals and health clinics in Malaysia provides guidance and services to aid those wishing to quit smoking. For more info on how to quit smoking, call 03-8883 4400

ushar link kat sini taw

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