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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mini Lipstick 6 perisa sesuai untuk wanita

Having body & muscle aches? No time for expensive spa massages? Need a quick and lasting relief for that aching muscle pain?

 The big question: Are you a registered voter?

If you’re a first timer, just head on to Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia (SPR) website for more information!

Remember, Malaysia is OUR home and it is OUR responsibility to vote!
 Different Prepaid BIS plans to suit your different needs, U Mobile’s plans start from only RM0.63/day.

Just pop a U Mobile simcard into your mobile and you'll be BBM-ing, You-Tubing, Facebook-ing, all hours of the day!
 Mini Lipstick satu set ada 6 jenis gincu,berminat pm inbox.
harga RM50 TERMASUK KOS PENGHANTARAN.BAYAR MELALUI CIMB NO AKAUN :0813-0000-8622-05.ahmad fairos
Set 1 box RM 50.00x 6 lipstick.
dah bank in send nama dan alamat ke nombor ini 012-5367817

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