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Monday, 10 October 2011

Peraduan yang Terbaik DARI Nuffnangs dan ChurpChurp

Hai semua,apa kabar,cerita aku hari ini adalah peraduan melalui Nuffnangs dan ChurpChurp .
Serenade the one you love or take the one you love for a candlelight dinner on a cruise. It is really up to you and you've got the Cadbury Happiness Crew at your disposal!

You've got till 16th Oct to win this opportunity to surprise your loved ones! Rowling’s creative mind made her create “Quidditch”, a game played on broomsticks and it came to life on the movie screen. Let’s see how creative you can get at creating a game, and win prizes worth RM 50,000!

Milo Cans want to give away RM 10,000 cash and branded tablets! All you gotta do is create a game that people can play in a tournament! The more wacky and unique it is, the better! You could be jumping around in sacks swirling around a hula hoop, as long as it has a purpose, the better. Create a game the world has never seen before!
ha.gadget ni bukan peraduan taw,maklumat jenis-jenis hendset terbaru kot,kalau tak silap aku.
harap-harap korang dapat la hadiah yang ada kat atas tu.ZASSSSH.......huhu.aku pon nak hadiah gak hehe.JOM semua.

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