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Monday, 13 February 2012

Hari Kekasih......................hari nak buat projek...........!!

Ramai bloger dapat duit dengan ChurpChurp,Daftar Percuma

Challenge the Ranger!

The All-New Ford Ranger is as powerful as ever with its best-in-class power of 200ps at 470Nm and a towing capacity exceeding 3 tonnes, and it’s comfy enough to camp in it if you want! This is the vehicle you want to drive you across the wilderness and through the roughest, toughest tracks.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can take the All-New Ford Ranger and put the pedal to the medal! How about towing a house? Maybe drive across the Rejang River? Perhaps drive up Mount Kinabalu instead? Just tell us how you would put the All-New Ford Ranger to the ultimate test, and you stand a chance to be one of the first in Malaysia to own one!

You can write a quick brief of your challenge, or even film it! But hurry, final entries on the 31st March – so throw your best challenge and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Louis Koo or Daniel Wu? What's your pick?

Celestial Movies is Asia’s top channel for exclusive TV premieres of the latest Hong Kong blockbusters and Asian movies. Starring Louis Koo & Daniel Wu, you’re sure to get addicted to this romantic and charming love triangle, and in conjunction with the hit Kong Kong romantic movie ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, Celestial Movies want to send YOU to Hong Kong!

All you have to do is answer 1 of two simple questions and write a short explanation on their Facebook page: Which one of the guys would you pick to marry? OR Which one of the guys would you prefer to be?

The winning answer will win a trip to Hong Kong for 2 inclusive of accommodation and a tour to some of the shooting locations from the movie! Other finalist prizes up for grabs include Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 and Carrefour vouchers. Not only that, the winner and finalists will even be featured on Celestial Movies!

Hari kekasih yang bakal menjelang pada 14 febuari 2012 bakal mengundang banyak bencana.Antaranya maksiat berlaku,pasangan akan buat projek tanda kasih sayang.banyak hotel-hotel murah akan buat tawaran harga.
gejala buang bayi juga bakal berlaku.

Kalau tak percaya ,esok beli surat khabar mesti ada pegawai jawi buat tangkapan.bebudak zaman sekarang suka sangat percaya benda-banda Tahyul.

Jangan kerana C.I.N.T.A terGadai body , ( yang wanita la,saya ni bukan apa kesian bila diorang teraniaya).

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