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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Siapa nak jadi Jutawan ?

Party rock crew is in town!!

Party rock crew will be in town to party with you this 29th March!!

Own a Samsung Galaxy Y? You get to redeem a pair of LMFAO Live in Malaysia tickets! Just remember to head over to Sunway Pyramid on the 10th of March and flash your gadget! Don't own one? Then shuffle your way to win a pair of tickets!!

How far are you willing to go for love?

In The Lorax, 12 year old Ted goes all out to make that special girl's dreams come true. What was her dream? It was merely to see a real life Truffula tree.

Follow Ted in his exciting adventure to make her dreams come true. Watch as he discovers a new found love for nature with his encounter with The Lorax, a.k.a Guardians of the forest who fights to protect what's left of nature in their world!

We haven't seen a Truffula tree either but The Lorax Truffula Land Puzzle Adventure app is here to give us a sneak peek. Snap a pic with The Lorax on it and have some fun with the game, there are loads of exciting prizes like exclusive 3D tickets to catch The Lorax and merchandises up for grabs!

Dew More Win More!

Mountain Dew is giving away a Mitsubishi Triton and a Dirt Bike! What’s more, there are Samsung Galaxy S II, Mountain Dew Skateboards and RM300 Cash to be won every week! The more DEW you drink the higher your chances of winning. DEW more! WIN more!

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Get great nails to match your party look!

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Siapa nak jadi jutawan?amboi,ramainya nak jadi jutawan yek............:)))bagus..bagus,aku pon belom jutawan hehe,tapi ade Rahsia yang aku bagytaw korang camner nak jadi Jutawan.

Berminat nak jadi Jutawan.........................kena faham apa itu maksud Jutawan.

Kalau nak jadi jutawan,kena usaha dan berniaga.Baru boleh menjadi jutawan.


JU--------------------------------JUAL PRODUK
TA..........................................TAWAN HATI PEMBELI DENGAN SENYUMAN MANIS KORANG
WAN......................................TAMBAH huruf G           DAPAT LA' WAN-G'

ha,amacam dapat tak ilmu dari sye huhu.

Saya ucap terima kasih sudi singgah blog saya.kalau sudi add la jadi folower.insya allah akan difolow kembali.Saya juga manusia biasa tidak lari dari membuat kesilapan,sekiranya ada salah dan silap dari pihak saya,maafkan saya.

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