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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Orang kahwin ( Suami/Isteri) aje baca taw.......yg belum x leh Saspen ckit

Orang kahwin ( Suami/Isteri) aje baca taw.......yg belum x leh Saspen ckit

Coming Home this Chinese New Year

Our traditions are strong at heart. Wherever we go, we carry our traditions on our back and reflect of who we are.

We may be gone for a day, a week or a year but where ever we are or how far we have come in life, for this special occasion, we will come home.

Vrooom to a prosperous Chinese New Year!

A feisty season will befall upon us as the Dragon Year is here! The maker of The People's Car wishes you the best of 2012!

Be sure to enjoy the oranges, joyous company and the ang pows! Gong Xi Gong Xi!


Whip out your camera, start posing n snapping to win!

**This is a campaign for a sexual health related brand and is meant only for Churpers above 18 years of age**

Enjoy snapping photographs with your loved ones?

Good news! You could be the lucky winner to walk away with a trip for two to Krabi worth RM 10,000! Durex LoveBox Pose and Post Photo Contest in conjunction with this coming Valentine's Day is happening now.

You can get your limited edition Durex Love-Box exclusively in all Watsons stores nationwide. Available in 8 unique designs ranging from beautiful curves to bold flashy stripes. Fun and romantic just like how all intimate relationships should be!

Banyak bloger dah dapat beratus dan beribu dengan web ni,aku pun dah dapat,kalau kau nak dapat macam bloger lain,apa susah daftar sini.

Suka cium dahi isteri --> suami yang romantis. ♥
Suka cium pipi isteri --> suami yang penyayang. ♥
Suka cium mulut isteri --> suami yang gelojoh. ♥
Suka cium tengkuk isteri --> suami yang mata keranjang. ♥
Suka cium telinga isteri --> suami yang sensitif. ♥
Suka cium leher isteri --> suami yang penyabar. ♥
Suka cium payudara isteri --> suami yang suka bermanja. ♥
Suka cium tangan isteri --> suami yang hipokrit. ♥
Suka cium ketiak isteri --> suami yang menerima isterinya seadanya. ♥
Suka cium punggung isteri --> suami yang suka bergurau.♥
Suka cium kaki isteri --> suami yang terlalu menghormat isteri. ♥
Suka cium orang lain punya isteri --> suami nak mampos ! :) ♥

saspen ke tak hahaha?

cepat copy paste post kat wall fb korang tengok apa feedback kengkawan:)))
kalau kau suami..................jawab hehehe
kalau kau isteri................... jawab hehehe

kalau kau tak kahwin lagy....................kene tempeleng ajo hahahaha,boleh ajo nak cakap apa-apa:)))

aku.......................................mesti la suka CIUM PIPI ISTERI:)))

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